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10/30/2014 Tortured Soul and The Sol Power All-Stars at Tropicalia

Stylus.Meistro.Deep Sang with Hermon Farahi on percussion

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27th June 2011


As much as I’ve always been a huge fan of Omar’s nu soul and jazz stuff, I’ve been waiting for another party bomb like this since 2006’s "It’s So…" (which I still pull out on a regular basis).

The UK Funky genre finds its way into Sol Power sets by way of the African and Caribbean elements of that scene. And in that spirit, “Dancing” is due to become a sureshot peak Sol Power banger. In fact, a number of UK Funky jams work in dancehall, soca and African dance music sets. 

First released this spring on limited edition vinyl, the rest of you who aren’t wax hunters can now cop a digital release of “Dancing” from Juno

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